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Commercial Roofing: Is A Self-Inspection Really Worth It?

It may sound like a good idea to perform a self-inspection on your commercial property, but some issues arise when doing so. Please consider the following before you decide to inspect your roof alone.


Possible Dangers from Self-Inspections

There are some possible safety issues that come from a self-inspection. It is important to know these risks before you make your decision on whether to hire or do it yourself. Commercial roofs are often dangerous due to their high peaks, slants, and slippery materials used in construction. The possibility of falls is real and is something to think about.

Also, a roof may appear to be solid, but there are many weak points that a non-roofing contractor wouldn’t be aware of. The possibility of falls and other damages can be costly. Not only to the health of a person, but the financial aspect of the materials, insurance, and workers comp.

Warranty Issues


It is likely that your roof has a warranty that protects the roof, but also usually covers repairs, inspections, and more. Warranties generally have conditions outlining who is allowed to work on the roof as well as the materials are covered. It is important to know the warranty of the roof before doing a self-inspection because you do not want to void a warranty. That can be costly, and it is not worth it in the long run. Your roofing contractor will know the warranty and they are just a phone call away.

.KnoweledgeKnowledge of the Roof

Self-inspections sound great. Cutting out the third party by checking on the roof yourself. Oftentimes, a self-inspector will not know what to look for in terms of leaks, weak spots, minor issues, up to full blown tears or issues. Minor problems are hard to spot if you do not know what to look for. Most large issues start off as small ones. It is well worth your time and money to hire a professional contractor who has a keen eye for small and large issues alike. They will tell you what needs to be fixed, and what can wait in a thorough report. Find a trusted contractor that knows commercial roofing. You will not regret it.


Consider OSHA

Safety is a top priority with any business to customers and employees. OSHA requires a certain level of safety in their regulations. Those regulations are public and you, as a business owner, need to know these regulations and comply with them. Climbing and roofing require a different set of regulations and rules. Leave it to the pros to handle the job quickly and safely.



Spotting a leak or other roofing problem can be discovered quite easily. The problem is that you do not have the expertise or materials to safely handle the issue at hand. A way to avoid the issue is to hire a professional and get on a maintenance schedule. This is very convenient as the contractor will perform inspections yearly, perform maintenance on schedule, and be available for any leak or issue that comes up. Trust the professional to get the job done right and keep the roof in tip-top shape.

Final Thoughts

Is the self-inspection worth it? Short answer, no. Always check with the original installer on the roofs warranty. If there is a maintenance schedule, check with the contractor with any issues. They are there to help and fix any issues that arise. Always remember that safety is first. ORB Solutions offers maintenance programs and roofing inspections with trusted partners. Learn more at https://orbsolutions.wpengine.com/

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