Preventative maintenance

It is important when looking at lifetime cost of roof ownership to view a roof system from a lens of not only the cost to install and replace but the cost to maintain. ORB Solutions has found that our approach streamlines the cost of ownership of a commercial roof system at around $0.08 - 0.10 a SF annually as opposed to a national average of approximately $0.15 - 0.16 according to the NRCA.

Even at the end of its lifespan, a well maintained roof system with unsaturated substrate is most often a suitable candidate for a roof restoration versus a replacement. A professional restoration of your existing roof using the right product can offer the same protection, quality, and a 20-30 year warranty around 60% of the cost of a retrofit or replacement.

Biannual Inspections

Rooftops should be inspected, debris removed, and drains cleaned in the spring and fall of every year.

Inspecting and Repairing Perimeter Details

Rooftops should be inspected, debris removed, and drains cleaned in the spring and fall of every year.

Restoring Flashings

Caulk and other adhesives and sealants can wear out over time and need to be routinely replaced to maintain water tightness

Examining and Repairing Seams

Seams can open up over time due to improper installation, exposure to ponding water, wind uplift, or a myriad of other reasons. Seams should be routinely inspected and repaired where necessary

Neglected Approach

Old neglected roof being inspected for repair

Proactive Approach

A well maintained roof

Protect and guarantee your roofing warranty

Roofing professionals as a whole tend to do a poor job at educating their customers on not only the benefits of preventative maintenance and inspections, but the drawbacks if it is not performed. All NOL warranties carried by material manufacturers contain verbiage bestowing the responsibility of periodically inspecting and maintaining the roof to the warranty holder. Failure to perform these routine tasks may result in a void warranty and a lack of concrete evidence of manufacturing defects will allow the material manufacturer to deny responsibility for honoring their warranty.

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