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The Importance Of Spring Cleaning Your Roof

Spring is in the air. People migrate outside, the trees are blossoming, the birds are chirping, and the air turns warm. The spring cleaning list starts coming together. Your roof should be a priority on that list each and every year. Get the roof cleaned and repaired so you can enjoy the summer, without worry, while it is here. It all starts with a proper checklist.


Item 1: Clean and Check Gutters

Your gutters play a huge role in water traveling off your roof and landing where you want it to. Clogged gutters from leaves and sticks are one of the main reasons that your gutters may not work as they are supposed to. Take the time to clean the gutters out. Side Note: Leaf guards are a must to keep leaves out of your gutters. Secondly, inspect the gutters for any damage that may have occurred. Winter is brutal on gutters due to the freeze/thaw cycle. Ice can bend, break, and move gutters. So inspect the gutters and repair as needed. This will result in great water flow for the months ahead. 

Item 2: Roof Inspection

Spring roof inspections are so important. Many people think that the roof only needs to be inspected before the long winter. Winter wreaks havoc on shingles, flashings, fascia, all the way through to commercial roofing like TPO. 

There are a few items to look for:


  1. Missing Shingles
  2. Curling Shingles
  3. Blistering Shingles
  4. Buckling Shingles
  5. Stained Shingles
  6. Cracks
  7. Splits
  8. Openings
  9. Water Damage

A lot like gutters, the roofing can be damaged from the snow and ice. Take the time to inspect the roof, repair any damages, and have the peace of mind. As always, if you are uncomfortable doing this or don’t know what you are looking for or doing, contact your local contractor. Many offer Free Roof Inspections


Item 3: Beware of Mold

Mold is a big problem when it comes to roofing. Mold is the Cancer of a roof. When your roof is wet, has standing water, or doesn’t drain well, mold is going to be prevalent. If the mold is not eradicated, it will spread and eat away the shingles, the wood underlay, and into the house. This causes leaks, damage, and is dangerous to breathe. Local contractors can clean mold, and replace pieces of roofing as needed. 

Item 4: Inside Out Inspections

For many people, getting on the roof and inspecting is not easy. So start from the inside out. Check your walls and ceilings for any form of cracking, water damage, or even mold. It is easy to tell if there is a problem. From there, the attic is the next step to finding the issue. It is easy to see what the issue is by following the water trail. In the attic, search for water dripping down beams, wet insulation, or even light shining through the ceiling or roof. Once the area is identified, proceed to check the roof from the outside. Look for shingle damage, tears, seams, and water pooling. Those are a few telltale signs of an issue. 

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If you are uncomfortable with finding and repairing the issue. Contact your local, trusted roofing contractor and schedule a free consultation. These companies are more than willing to do all the legwork for you. Make sure the contractor is well equipped, honest, fair, and an expert in this field. You get what you pay for most of the time.

Item 5: General Wear and Tear

Your roof is not always on your mind, but after a long hard winter it is important to check the outside for general wear and tear. Over time, the roof will deteriorate. Look for sagging in the roof, lost or 

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missing shingles, rusty spots in the gutters, wind damage, or just worn out old roofing materials. 

The general lifespan of a roof is 20 years for residential. It is recommended that the roof is fully gone over after 7 years but more likely to get an inspection every year. Since the roof is a huge investment, getting it inspected, cleaned, and repaired as needed will generally extend the lifespan of the roof. 

Keep an eye out for everything on this checklist and your roof and you will have a happy relationship.

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