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We Handle Your Roof
You Handle Your Business

Streamline Your Budget, Stop The Leaks, Save Money

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Michigan and SW Florida's Commercial & Residential Roofing Professionals​

We Handle Your Roof
You Handle Your Business

Streamline Your Budget,
Stop The Leaks, Save Money

Michigan and SW Florida's Commercial & Residential Roofing Professionals

A Roof Life Cycle ORB Roofing Solutions

Maintain Your Roofing Assets

Although every roof is expected to fail eventually, an improperly maintained roof will inherently fail much faster because by the time many simple, solvable problems are identified, they have already become catastrophic issues. In essence, The roofing system is out of sight and mind until the very day it becomes your worst nightmare.

ORB has developed a solution that involves using routine professional inspections and advanced software tools to arm facility managers and owners with the information they need to make decisions to prolong the life of their roof systems and prevent catastrophic failures.

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Protect And Guarantee Your Roofing Warranty

Roofing professionals as a whole tend to do a poor job at educating their customers on not only the benefits of preventative maintenance and inspections, but the drawbacks if it is not performed. All “No Dollar Limit” warranties carried by material manufacturers contain verbiage bestowing the responsibility of periodically inspecting and maintaining the roof to the warranty holder. Failure to perform these routine tasks may result in a void warranty and a lack of concrete evidence of manufacturing defects will allow the material manufacturer to deny responsibility for honoring their warranty.

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Why Trust ORB Roofing Solutions for All Your Roofing Needs

  • Over 10+ Years of Commercial Roofing Installation and Maintenance
  • Licensed, and Insured to do work in the State’s of Michigan and Florida
  • Save money with ORB’s honest and transparent value engineered approach

Preventative Approaches to Roofing Save Money

Work With ORB to Maintain Your Assets and You Could Save 40-50% on Your Lifetime Roofing Expense


How ORB Does Commercial Roofing Differently

ORB Roofing Solutions specializes in restoring and maintaining roof assets rather than replacing them

Maintain Your Roofing Warranty

All major roofing manufacturers’ warranties have clauses regarding owners’ responsibilities and preventative maintenance to maintain. We ensure you are in compliance

Save Money on Your Roof

Roof replacements are incredibly expensive, but roofs that are maintained can be repaired and restored at a fraction of the cost with specialized coatings and  liquid-applied membranes. 

Streamline Your Roofing Budget

In the absence of data, roof-related expenses are extremely difficult to plan for. Our data-driven approach can help you streamline your budget and accurately forecast expenses.

A Family-Owned Roofing Endeavor

Orb Solutions was founded to address the need for more preventative and professional service-focused approaches to the roofing.

After working as a commercial contractor and manufacturers representative for commercial materials for many years, our founder Chris Lee set out in 2018 to take a new approach to the commercial roofing space. He surmised that preventative roof maintenance coupled with the latest technologies in roof analysis, and inspection would ultimately lead to lower costs, increased transparency, and a higher level of satisfaction for his customers.

Hence, Orb Solutions was born along with our mantra, “we manage your roof, you manage your business”, and we have been delivering superior results and customer experiences for our clients ever since.

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