The future of roof asset management

We fully repair and maintain commercial and residential roofing systems.

For years, roof replacement and repair have been an unforeseen and burdening cost on facility managers. We help owners take control of their roof systems.

Traditional roofing contractors are not properly equipped to handle your properties.

The Orb Solution

The roof of a facility is paramount in protecting the assets that lie beneath. However the roofing system is typically out of sight, out of mind, until that is, it is neglected to the point at which it leaks.

Modern roofing systems are designed to last for decades when properly installed and maintained. However improper repairs and a lack of routine maintenance can often cause these systems to fail prematurely often times voiding the material warranty and causing huge expenses and headaches for owners and facility managers. By the time water is leaking in the building, it could already be too late.

ORB Solutions specializes in helping owners take control of their roof systems. By ensuring that their roof systems are properly inspected, repaired, documented, and maintained, we can save our clients up to 40% on the lifetime cost of their roofing system. Utlizing our wealth of roofing expertise as well as the latest roofing technologies, our approach guarantees that your roof system will last the full length of it's expected life and beyond.

Roofing services

ORB Solutions is a commercial roofing services company focused on repairs, restoration, and preventative maintenance programs for commercial buildings.

We utilize a State of the Art approach and technologies to create repeatable inspection reports for your property and track its condition over time.

Roof Repairs

Self explanatory, whether your roof is leaking or not yet leaking, we can fix it at a reasonable cost in a professionally certified manner.

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Roof Restoration

All roofing systems eventually reach the end of their lifespan, but those that are dry and in good condition can be restored at 40-60% cost of a roof replacement. Talk to us about coating and LAM options for your next project and save.

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Roof Inspections

State of the Art technology takes repeatable aerial images of the condition of your property to track its condition over time.

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Infrared Scan

Infrared Imaging is used to evaluate whether or not the roof system is saturated or letting in water below the surface.

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Core Cut Composition Analysis

Roof Section Cut and Repair to analyze roof composition and check for water and saturation.

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Annual Roof Maintenance Plans

Annual or Biannual cleaning, inspection, and reporting for your commercial property. Includes software portal and data of historical inspection information.

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We can save our clients up to 40% on the lifetime cost of their roofing system.

Preventative Maintenance

Maintain Your Assets

Although every roof is expected to fail eventually, an improperly maintained roof will inherently fail much faster because by the time many simple, solvable problems are identified, they have already become catastrophic issues. In essence, The roofing system is out of sight and mind until the very day it becomes your worst nightmare.

ORB has developed a solution that involves using routine professional inspections and advanced software tools to arm facility managers and owners with the information they need to make decisions to prolong the life of their roof systems and prevent catastrophic failures.

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Contact us to schedule a no obligation free consultation and receive a free commercial roof inspection.

Receive a Custom Tailored Solution

ORB’s roofing maintenance plans will allow you to be proactive instead of just being reactive to problems as they occur.

Get Back To Business

You can once again take back control of your facility without ever breaking a sweat. We manage your roof, you manage your business.

Take Control Of Your Roofing System

By the time water intrusion occurs in your building, the liklihood of permanent damage is significantly greater. This will result in increased cost to maintain, restore, or replace your assets, and your warranties could be voided all together due to neglect.

Do not inconvenience your clients, tenants or employees. You CAN prevent this from happening.

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