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The Story of ORB Roofing Solutions

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Welcome to the Future of Roof Asset Management

ORB Roofing Solutions was founded in 2017 when Chris Lee, a long-time commercial roofing expert, and roofing contractor noticed that the existing model of commercial roofing made little sense. Chris got his start in roofing selling roof coatings for the Garland Company, a long-standing stalwart manufacturer of roof coatings and restoration products. When Chris started his contracting business in 2013, as he spoke with owners, he noticed a ton of commercial roofs failing well before their expected life spans.

It eventually became evident that the current model in the roofing industry was broken. A lack of mindfulness and maintenance on the part of commercial owners was costing them thousands over the life of their buildings. After all, we perform maintenance throughout commercial facilities all the time. Why is it that we simply neglect the roof until the point of absolute failure? Commercial contractors were doing little to push the envelope as reroofing an entire facility was much more lucrative than maintaining, repairing, and restoring it.

Empowered by this paradigm shift, Chris and his son Austin Lee scoured the market for the latest technologies, software, and tools. Utilizing advanced technologies and our unique approach centered on maintaining and restoring roof systems, ORB Roofing Solutions has created an approach to roofing that provides peace of mind, straight-line roofing budgets, and substantially lower lifetime roofing costs for our customers.

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