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5 Ways To Know It’s Time To Re-Roof Your Multi-Family Facility

On A Timeline Or When Having Issues?

In a multi-family condo, townhome complex, or apartment facility, the roof plays an important job in protecting the units both inside and out. These assets are important to manage and repair, but knowing when to replace the roof can be tricky. Here are five ways to effectively manage your properties roofs in a manner to greatly impact your budget long term. 

1 – The Age of Your Roofs

1The main and most obvious reason for replacing your roofs is the age of the roof. With proper maintenance and repairs being done, a roof can last a long time. When the roof reaches an age and place where it is eating into the budget with the repairs, it is time to replace the roof. This is true with any roof.

A roof may last longer than the average than it’s expected lifespan. With proper maintenance and repairs, you may not have to replace the roof. The warranty period may be coming to an end, but if the roof is performing well and not costing much to repair and maintain, then the roof can stand more time before replacement.

On the other hand, a roof may need to be replaced before the average lifespan. A roof that is improperly installed is one reason a roof may fail prematurely. Some contractors cut corners or use the wrong materials for the job and that can reduce the lifespan of the roof or worse. Another reason for early replacement may be damages from neglected or un-noticed leaks that are beyond repair. A regular maintenance schedule by a reliable contractor can help to catch these issues ahead of time.


2 – Cost of Repairs

It is important to keep detailed records of repairs, age, and costs for each and every roof in your multi-family facility. The costs of the repairs may just be outweighing the costs of a new roof. 

Look at your records over the past several years. Depending on the size of the building and the amount of repairs you will need to calculate the cost of repairs not only outside but inside as well. Damages from a leaky roof can damage ceilings, insulation, cabinets, and more indoors. If you are incurring repair bills from $15-25k a year then it is time to replace the roof. (depending on size of building) 

You will want to take the time to calculate the cost of a new roof, the average cost of repairs for the roof yearly, and then the lifespan of the roof. If the new roof is less than the yearly cost to maintain, then it is time for a new roof. 

3 – Roof is Deteriorating Despite Age of Roof

Roofing is tricky in that sometimes a roof that isn’t very old will start to deteriorate anyway. Some telltale signs of deterioration are bald spots on shingles, curved, cupped, or curling shingles, or damaged roofs from storms or weather. 

shingle damage

Shingles show signs of deterioration from bald spots, curling, curved, and cupped shingles. These are generally signs that the shingle was not manufactured correctly. These are manufacturer defects and need to be addressed with the contractor and manufacturer. Always check on warranty and quality of material for a long lasting roof. You get what you pay for. 

Missing, moved, or flapping shingles without strong winds or storms stems from improperly installed shingles. These are oftentimes defects that should be under the workmanship warranty from the installer. Always make sure the installer/contractor has a good reputation and offers a good warranty. Replacement may be necessary if you go the wrong direction when it comes to materials and contractors.

4 – Updating Appearance to the Community


Curb appeal is a big selling point for homes, apartments, and any living situation. When the potential resident arrives, the eye sees the outside appearance first. If your shingles are mis-matched, falling apart, curved, faded, or just not right; the potential resident can come up with many conclusions about the property. Is the property well maintained? Is my roof going to leak and ruin my valuables? Is the inside as bad as the outside? Many more questions like that. 

Replacing your roofing systems can update the curb appeal and increase the market value of your buildings. Three tab shingles include many options of colors, size, shape, and can quickly update the look of an old facility and make it look refreshed and new. It is amazing what a new shingle roof can do. Not only will the property look better, the market value can increase as well as driving new business your way. New roofing is a big investment, but the benefits outweigh the initial cost. Maintenance bills go down, curb appeal and market value increase. It all comes down to the benefit-cost analysis. 

5 – Additions and/or Improvements to the Property

Oftentimes as a business owner, you want to create new ways of income by expanding and updating. This is true with any business and can be true for you. The final reason for replacing roofing is when you want to expand and build new properties and/or make improvements to your properties.apartments construction

Expanding your multi-family facility can be exciting, but when you build or restore the new units, you see the older units do not look right, do not match, or need restoration. It is amazing what matching roofs can do to the property. Matching new roofing systems can lengthen the lifespan of the buildings and become an asset to the community.

Secondly, restoration and improvements to the property oftentimes include the roofs. The roof is the main line of defense to the building. You wouldn’t want to restore the inside of a building only to have a roof leak ruin all the hard work done inside as well as cost money that was invested. The roof should always be the priority when restoring property. A professional contractor will be able to inform you on the potential lifespan of the roof, when and if it should be replaced, costs, and more. 

Final Thoughts

Multi-Family facilities come with many costs anywhere from maintenance, repairs, restoration, and expansion. It is important to keep a close record of the timeline of the roof, repairs, and costs. This knowledge will help to know when it is time to replace the roof. Knowing what curb appeal and market value can do for your business give you a step up on the competition and can justify the costs of roof replacement. 

Finally, always have a trusted certified roofing contractor. They will have a maintenance program and schedule for roof inspections, on call repairs, and will be able to help with any questions you have. They know what to look for in any roofing situation and give you the peace of mind knowing your multi-family facilities are in good hands.

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