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Commercial Roofing Mistakes to Avoid

As a commercial building owner, it may be tempting to hire just anyone who is willing to repair or replace the commercial roof. Unfortunately, many people will cut corners, practice unsafely, and can end up costing more in the long run. Whether it be a minor leak repair, or a complete replacement, hiring the right professional contractor will give you the peace of mind and give your roof the best possible outcome. Here are a few reasons why choosing a professional is an excellent idea.


Safety Concerns

OSHA is a big deal when it comes to commercial roofing. Safety practices are put in place and regulated in order to ensure the safety of all involved including both roofers and civilians. Many of the safety measures are mandatory from OSHA, but also others put in place to protect the contractor as well as the commercial building owner. When these safety precautions are not followed, it leaves the contractor and the building owner liable for injury or worse. Research and ask about a contractor’s safety measures and equipment to reduce the possibility of safety issues. 

Material Use Issues


Each and every roof uses different materials for their specific application. It is important to protect your investments by using a contractor who has and uses the latest materials that will ensure longevity of your roof. With improper selections comes issues such as loss of roof life, more prone to leaks, failures in drainage, or worse. Professional contractors will know what materials are right for your application and will give your roof the longest life possible. They will also know how to maintain these materials and repair them when an issue inevitably arises. Don’t get scammed by a “cheap price.” Remember, you get what you pay for is very relevant in the commercial roofing industry.

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Incorrect Installation

Installation of a commercial roof is tricky unless the contractor is professionally trained to do so. Residential roofing is far different from commercial roofing. Commercial roofing requires a specific skill set that many residential roofing companies lack. With improper installation your roof is more prone to leaks, cracks, tears, shorter life, and possible collapse. When you hire a professional contractor, you get the expert knowledge on commercial roofing, proper installation, warranty(generally), what to look for when issues arise, and maintenance programs. 

Final Thoughts


Hiring a cheap contractor who doesn’t know everything about commercial roofing is a dangerous game to play. It may save you money now, but oftentimes leads to unprofessional work, safety concerns, material issues, and incorrect installation practices. Go with a professional contractor who will be able to complete the task quickly and effectively. Not only that, but offer a maintenance program that will keep your roof in tip top shape for many years to come.

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