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Roofing and Consequential Damages

What are consequential damages?

Putting off roof repairs or leak repairs can quickly turn for the worse. These are known as consequential damages and can be costly or result in injury. 

When you enter your building, you may notice a wet ceiling tile, a puddle on the floor, or just a wet spot on the roof. Pay attention to these issues and do not shrug them off. Water that enters your building does far more than just show where your roof is deteriorating in an external capacity. The water can quickly wreak havoc on the interior which can be costly or even loss of inventory or assets. 

Damage or loss from a roof leak that is not fixed is known as a consequential damage. There are four ways that your business can be affected by these damages. 

Inv Asset

Inventory and Asset Damage

When water enters your building it naturally travels downward which can damage walls, ceiling, floors and more. Depending where the leak is, it can have heavy damage costs. Water can ruin inventory, electrical, and can damage equipment. Be sure to act quickly to find the source of the leak and to use temporary measures to stop the water from entering. Call the contractor right away and get your roof into the schedule ASAP. Always be sure to check common leak points first. You will find these in cuts, tears, open seams, holes, missing flashing and more. Catch water in a bucket and frequently mop to avoid slips and falls. Which leads to the second consequential damage.


Slip Fall

Slips and Falls

With any leak, water is entering the building and going to the lowest point possible, which is the floor. Moisture on the floor from a leak causes a slipping and falling hazard. Not only is a fall bad for the employee, but also bad for the company for worker’s compensation claims, or even a lawsuit. Buckets work well to catch water, but also mop the area frequently and mark the area with a wet floor sign and even block it off.



Wet InsulationWet Insulation

Not treating a roof leak can lead to bigger and worse problems. Insulation is important to keep your heating and cooling costs low as well as your energy bills. Insulation is very hard to dry out when water enters, it acts as a sponge. The insulation then becomes heavy, wet, and no longer does its job. The U.S. The Department of Energy roughly estimates that energy losses caused by thermal resistance from untreated roof leaks can be up to 70%. A good contractor will be able to thermally scan your building and figure out exactly where your building is losing heat, oftentimes from wet insulation that is caused from even a minor leak. Replace wet insulation as needed.

Insects and Mold


With any moisture comes bacterial growth such as mold, and this attracts roaches, bugs, and other insects. The costs for mitigating  mold and to exterminate insects adds up quickly if not taken care of in a timely manner. Depending on the business, mold and insects can lead to health code violations, building violations, human resources issues with employees and all together a nasty work environment. Fix the roof leak now to avoid the headache later.

Final Thoughts

Roof leaks are important to get taken care of as soon as possible once discovered. Large businesses rely on an inspection and maintenance program in order to catch faulty spots before they become worse, oftentimes before they even leak. 

Consequential Damages are damages in the building from an untreated roof leak. To avoid these damages, take care of leaks, call your contractor, and set up a plan to ensure that these damages do not happen. 

If you need help with setting up a plan and implementing it into your business please get ahold of ORB Solutions. Do not settle for an inferior contractor, it’s not worth the hassle.

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