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ORB Roofing Knowledge Hub

ORB Roofing Knowledge Hub

Welcome to the ORB Roofing Hub your best and only source for all things roofing in Lee County and Southwest Florida. Learn about the roofing in Southwest Florida, get the latest news, and much more!

Metal Roofing

Top Florida Roofing Styles for Hot Climate

Top Roofing Styles for Florida's Heat: Orb Roofing Solutions Guide When it comes to roofing in Florida, the hot climate poses unique challenges that homeowners and building owners must consider....
Florida Metal Roof

Choosing the Right Roofing Contractor in Florida: Orb Roofing Solutions

NRCA-Approved Roofing Contractors in Florida When it comes to roofing services, selecting a licensed and reputable contractor is paramount. In regions like Cape Coral, Ft Myers, and the surrounding areas...
Commercial Roofing in Florida Shingle Coating
Metal Roofing

Choosing a Commercial Roofing Contractor in Ft Myers, Florida

Selecting the right roofing contractor is crucial for safeguarding your commercial property in Ft Myers, Florida. As the primary shield against the elements, a well-maintained roof is indispensable for the...
Historic Home Renovation Metal Roof

Historic Home Roof Renovation in Southwest Florida

Ft Myers, Cape Coral, and Naples Historic Roofing Renovations Welcome to the world of historic roof renovation in Ft Myers and Southwest Florida, where the preservation of cultural and architectural...
ORB Roofing Solutions Guide to Roofing Materials

ORB Roofing Solution’s Guide to Roofing Materials

Exploring Durable and Climate-Smart Roofing Options Hello, residents of Cape Coral, Fort Myers, and Charlotte County! Are you contemplating the ideal residential roofing material to safeguard your home from Florida's...
Commercial Roofing in Florida TPO PVC Overview

Florida’s Best Commercial Roofing Options

As a business owner or manager in Florida, you know that commercial roofing is a big investment. With the intense heat and frequent storms in the state, it's essential to...

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